Open Access Endoscopy

Dr Kozman offers Open Access Colonoscopy to eligible patients. This allows referring doctors to request a colonoscopy without the need for an initial specialist consultation.


Eligible Patients:

People who

  • Are under 80 years of age
  • Are fit and healthy
  • Have a current referral
  • Are not taking anticoagulant medication
  • Have no history of heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney or liver disease, or serious lung disease
  • Have private health insurance or wish to have their colonoscopy in a private hospital
  • Have one of the following indications for colonoscopy: Positive faecal occult blood test, family history of colorectal cancer, Personal history of precancerous polyps, Rectal bleeding in a patient over the age of 50.
  • Are able to undergo Bowel Preparation at home.

Patients will be contacted by practice staff to confirm their suitability. An appointment will then be made for the patient to have their colonoscopy at the hospital of their choice.


Patients will be sent a colonoscopy information sheet and pre-procedure instructions by mail or email.

Patients will be admitted to Day Procedure department of the hospital where they will be seen by Dr Kozman.  Following this consultation, their colonoscopy will be performed.


Results of the colonoscopy will be discussed with the patient on the day of procedure, with a report sent to the referring doctor.



All costs will be advised on completion of the booking form. For some patients, there will be a gap between the doctor’s fees and the amount paid by the health funds.